Akshay is Tata Motors brand ambassador


Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has been announced as the brand ambassador for Tata Motors. Akshay Kumar will start endorsing Tata Motors from January 2017.

Tata Motors is a reputed home grown vehicle manufacturer and Akshay Kumar will serve as brand ambassador for Tata Motors commercial vehicles.

“Indian cinema’s true Khiladi Akshay Kumar will play a new role from this new year. He will be the brand ambassador for Tata Motors commercial vehicles,” said a press statement from Tata Motors on Tuesday.

Both Tata Motors and Akshay Kumar are known for their ‘rough and tough’ performance and dependability. Therefore Tata Motors management felt that Akshay will suit their values properly and will take company into masses.

“Akshay Kumar has thorough knowledge of audience preferences and tastes. His popularity will help for the growth of Tata Motors and will decide commercial vehicles sales in the future,” said Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, Business Executive Director Ravindra.

Tata Motors will soon star a multimedia campaign featuring Akshay Kumar

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