Flying cars a near future prospect for PAL-V

PAL-V International said it will begin production of its Personal Air and Land Vehicle (Pal-V) in October and will be delivering its first vehicle in early 2018. So in 2018 willing customers can buy these flying cars but have to pay a hefty price , the first edition Pal-V Liberty costing €499,000 (£437,000 / $599,000) , the slightly cheaper Pal-V Liberty Sport, to be made next year, has a price tag of €299,000 (£262,000 / $335,000).

The company expects to produce between 50 to 100 vehicles by 2019, before ramping up to quite a few hundred in 2020.

Pal-V is a three-wheeled flying vehicle that can carry two people and will be certified for use on the roads and in the skies.

PAL-V has designed the car so at the flick of a button the blades fold down and gather like a bat’s wings on the top.

This vehicle uses normal unleaded petrol for its two 100-horsepower engines, and can fly 400 to 500 kilometres (248 to 310 miles) at an altitude of up to 3,500 metres (11,500 feet).

The company insists the PAL-V is not a helicopter, in which the blades are powered by an engine. It is a gyroplane, in which the blades rotate thanks to airflow. Even if both engines cut out, the blades will still turn, so “even if you go at zero speed it still keeps rotating and you are not going to drop out of the sky,” said Hess in an interview.

So I guess now skies would be too crowded !

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