CA course gives good future


Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) president M Devaraja Reddy urged youth to join Chartered Accountant (CA) course and strive hard to become a CA, as it gives them good career and growth prospects.

“The world has become a small global village today and business has become complex. These modern developments present enormous opportunities for Chartered Accountants. Ours is noble profession we want people to flourish and develop. Indian CAs are most sought after even abroad because of better language skills,” said Devaraja Reddy, speaking at the international conference of CA students in Hyderabad. The event is being held on Saturday and Sunday.

“Your decision to take up CA course is very good. Pursue the course and don’t deviate by simultaneously doing other courses like ICWA, CS, Law and others. Erase the impression that the CA course is tough. It’s a perception spread by coaching institutes for their benefit. CA is a easy course, it’s just that you should have passion for it. You need to be confident in writing the CA exam, prepare well for the exam and you will qualify in CA exam quite easily,” further said Devaraja Reddy addressing the Ca students.

He explained that Indian CAs are in more demand internationally than Chinese and European CAs and more than 30,000 Indian CAs are working abroad.

ICAI president Devaraja Reddy particularly stressed on the importance of article ship in CA course advising CA students not to neglect it.

“Article ship is key to success in CA profession, therefore pursue the course from ICAI, do article ship and don’t fall prey to the false propaganda of the coaching Institutes,” added Devaraja Reddy.

ICAI organizes the ‘International Conference for CA Students’, annually, under the aegis of Board of Studies (BoS), ICAI. The Conference is being held in Hyderabad for the first time.