Chattisgarh school’s noble intention


Parents today are frightened over the exorbitant amounts collected towards fees by schools. School managements are fleecing parents for fees. But a school in Chattisgarh state is setting a new and noble trend in case of collecting fee from students.

Shiksha Kuteer, a school in Bargai village in Ambikapur area in Chattisgarh, is asking parents to plant saplings instead of paying fees for their children. The school is started by some likeminded service oriented people from the area.

Shiksha kuteer’s main aim is to impart quality English medium education to poor children. As poor parents cannot pay fees, school management has put a condition of planting saplings instead of fee.

The noble intention of Shiksha kuteer became successful as more than 30 students joined the school and more than 700 plants planted by parents.

Parents responsibility does not get over after planting trees. They should also take care of the trees growth. If a tree dies, then they should plant one more in its place.

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