Infosys to hire 10,000 Americans

Reputed IT company Infosys today announced that it will hire 10,000 Americans over the next two years. This announcement made headlines all over the world, as post Trump, it was widely feared that people from other nations might lose jobs in US.

As Trump has been taking several steps to ensure that Americans get jobs, which were hitherto enjoyed by other countries and in the wake of restrictions on H1B visas, Infosys’s decision to hire 10,000 Amercians is seen as major change in the direction.

“Infosys is committed to hiring 10,000 American technology workers over the next two years to help invent and deliver the digital futures for our clients in the US. Learning and education, along with cultivating top local and global talent, have always been the core of what Infosys brings to clients. It is what makes us a leader in times of great change. In helping our clients improve their businesses and pursue new kinds of opportunities, we are really excited to bring innovation and education in a fundamental and massive way to American workers. New advances in technology – artificial intelligence, in particular – are radically transforming our world, and it is within our reach to learn these new technologies and to be the innovators and entrepreneurs who bring solutions based on these technologies to our clients in all industries,” said Vishal Sikka, Chief Executive Officer, Infosys in a press release on Tuesday.

As part of this initiative, Infosys will open four new Technology and Innovation Hubs across US focusing on cutting-edge technology areas, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience, emerging digital technologies, cloud, and big data.
These four hubs will not only have technology and innovation focus areas, but will closely serve clients in key industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, energy and more. The first hub, which will open in Indiana in August 2017, is expected to create 2,000 jobs by 2021 for American workers and will help boost Indiana’s economy, further said the press release.