Massive dip in H1B visas

The Indian tech-giant companies like Infosys, Tata and Wipro suffered a major dip in H1B visas issue as reported by the National Foundation for American Policy. The top 7 outsourcing companies did not even get 10,000 H1B visas which is affecting it’s operation worldwide.

Coming to the company figures individually, Tata Consultancy services witnessed a dip of 58% as 2040 visas were issued in 2016 while 4674 visas were issued in 2015. Wipro has been issued 1474 visas which was earlier 3079 visas. However, Infosys had a the least dip where the figures in 2016 are 2,376 visas while in 2015 it was 2830.

Looks like the system is tightening rules for techies which might affect most of the aspiring ones. According to analysts, there seems to be a much major dip in the coming years.