How to improve immunity in children!

Kids are more likely to get infections and other health issues quite often as they play around dust ,do not keep clean, roaming around with other kids in the school may be the reasons.To keep them healthy and make away from infection ,they must be developed with immunity power.

1. Healthy Food: Everyday the kids should be given with healthy food.proteins,vitamins,minerals, Balanced unsaturated fats, with this they develop immunity power.Likewise,give them citric fruits, carrots,leafy vegetables, Beans,strawberry, curd,garlic, ginger etc.,keep them away from the infections.

2. Sleep: It’s common that children hesitant to sleep.some children does not sleep till the late nights passing time playing games.But parents should make them sleep. Parents should make them understand what sort of health issues may arise in case of improper sleep.They should be kept distance from the computers, smart phones and other gadgets as much as possible. Immunity power gets increased with sufficient sleep.

3. Cleanliness: Children should be told that they should wash hands before and after meals.After playing with pets ,wash their hands.most of the illness attacks kids by playing in dust and with pets.

4. Ayurveda: Kids should be given ayurveda herbs such as Guduchi, Amalaki (Amla),Yasthimadhu, Guggillu etc.,as per the doctors prescription, therefore kids doesn’t get health issues,this improves immunity and also memory power.

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