A great move from stalwarts, agreed to trim down though !

Ever since Tamil Super star’s movie “Sarkar “hit the screens this Tuesday, there is humongous controversies that doing rounds from political parties of Tamilnadu state.

Certain leaders and followers of the ruling AIADMK party exacted to remove the scenes immediately which showcased their government in negative manner.

However, Kamal Haasan the legendary actor turned politician recently, and the super star Rajinikanth have come forward in support of Sarkar. Both the stalwart actors strongly condemned the government for using meaty power to attack a film which was cleared by the Censor Board.

Meanwhile, Sarkar’s team has agreed to trim down the censurable scenes to put an end to all the allegations made against the flick. Nevertheless, the movie has done a great business and is arrived in almost 3400 theatres from all over the world.