Allani Sreedhar focus on de-addiction of children from video games

The modern day life in which children getting addicted to the online games and the concern of their elders is perfectly depicted in the children’s film ‘Doo Doo Dhee Dhee’ made in Telugu.

The producer and the director of the film Allani Sreedhar and co-producer producer Gopal s shared with media persons 20th International Children’s Film Festival that the children are increasingly getting addicted towards online games, particularly games like Blue Whale and the film was focused to divert the attention of the children from this life-threatening games.

The trend has assumed alarming proportions that even the Supreme Court has to give directions to the Governments to ensure that children do not fall prey top these digital games. Producing a film at this juncture to check this unhealthy trend ‘We feel we have done our bit,” the producer and the director said.