Arts clubs disown Gazal Srinivas

The sexual escapades of popular ghazal singer Gazal Srinivas have caused a public uproar and cultural organizations which felicitated him in the past have begun to disown him.

Ananda Lahari which had perhaps promoted him and also honored most has rued its association with Gazal Srinivas and declared a social boycott against him.

Several others wanted that the police conduct a deeper probe into his activities his network and also finances as Gazal Srinivas appears to be filthily rich, owning several properties in Hyderabad.

Particularly women organizations and dance clubs etc which fancied his portrait in their offices earlier have removed and burnt them and also withdrawn citations from their albums etc.

Telangana police also have issued an advisory that all associations and clubs should be cautious about promoting such artists and should get police verifications before honoring and sponsoring them .