Balakrishna as Legend?

balayyaBalayya Babu is busy with his new film. It is said that Balayya Babu and team are seriously discussing about the title. First ‘Ruler’ title was fixed for Balakrishna-Boyapati movie. Later it was changed to Jayasimha. Later Samrat title came into buzz. As it was already registered by Shivalenka Krishna Prasad, who is close to Balakrishna, everyone thought that the title may be fixed as Samrat. But it is learnt from reliable sources that ‘Legend’ is the title for Balakrishna-Boyapati movie. As the Legend will not just suit Balakrishna’s movie life but also real life, producers are said to be opting for it. It will be truly an apt title for Balakrishna, who came a long way by hard work and talent, though he entered industry as Legendary NTR’s son. But we can’t jump to conclusions unless official announcement is made.

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