Greekuveerudu not to take risks

greeku-veeruduGreekuveerdu scheduled to be released on April 19 may be postponed to April 26 or May 3. Nag is thinking, collections will not pick up till summer holidays start in full swing. Baadshah is already getting collections and may continue its good run. Shadow is ready after Baadshah. Besides to this, IPL is going on. Thus April is already a busy month with loads of entertainment options. Fearing this Nag wants to wait till May. Except Charan’s Thoofan, no other big budget is in the offing in May. Therefore Greekuveerudu will have ample scope and space to cash in on collections and reach audience. Greek heroes are known for their courage and fighting spirit. But our very own, romantic Greekuveerudu, always avoids clashes and stays clear of risks.

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