Is Syeraa a commercial film?

Megastar’s Upcoming “Syeraa” is a historical film. A warriors story,Inshort it is a biopic. Commercial scope does not prevail in such films. Every story that focuses on actual imagery is far from commercial. But Chiranjeevi & Co seems to be taking a serious stance on ‘Syeraa’. It is said that Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy’s life has taken as a mere outline and put a commercial film around it. A song, a fight, a heroism is the formula in chiru films. Syeraa also seems to have made in the heroism formulae like in every other Megastar’s film.

Viewers can expect the same feel of Chiru’s gracious movies. However, the film is under threat from the Uyyaalwada dynasty. They tried to block the film before starting of the film.It will be interesting to see what they will say after watching the film.

All of them may protest that Uyyalawada Narsimhareddy’s story distorted.The issue is now in court.

It would be good to settle the case before it’s release as the film has been made on crores. There should be no interruption. In fact the team is on to get the things settled before it goes worse.