Mahesh’s producer finds reasons to celebrate


Anil Sunkara is one of the passionate producers in the Telugu film industry now. He produces films, and he also runs an educational institution in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He has two reasons to celebrate, and he has revealed it via Twitter now.

“KITTU Is running successfully in 150 theaters in the third week. Dogs are afraid but the audience is loving KITTU. 65 theaters in 3rd week in NIZAM is a good indication of the response all over. Thanks to our distributors all over Telugu states. Happy two announce that our USHARAMA tied up with TRIUNE UNIVERSITY 2 bring dual degree program with btech + MBA degree from the USA in 4 yrs. This is the first time that anyone could complete Btech and MBA in 4 years. I thank our esteemed and hard working college staff and Gurukul overseas team and Triune University to making it happen.” Anil Sunkara tweeted.