Naga Chaitnaya’s special exercise over dialect

Shekhar Kammula’s characters speak the language of the people they represent whether it is the Godavari slang in ‘Godavari’ or the Telangana dialect in ‘Fidaa’. He sees to the fact that his actors get the slang right to live the characters that they represent. Fidaa film’s most of its success because of the dialect that the leads spoke, especially Sai Pallavi’s character.

The movie, which will be released in early 2020, will portray Naga Chaitanya as a Telangana boy who migrates to Hyderabad .

The director assures that Naga Chaitanya will surprise everyone in the film and his character is a special attraction for the project.

As per the sources, the film tells the love story of both the leads who come from a rural Telangana backdrop.