Prabhas promises yet another film with Sujith

‘Saaho’ is directed by Sujith as Prabhas’s protagonist. Released in four languages on the 30th of the last month, the film has been hit with huge grosses. Creating new records in terms of collections in certain areas. It is in this backdrop that the talk that Prabhas has given Sujith another chance is strongly being heard.

While shooting the movie ‘Saaho’, he said, “If the film hits the blockbuster, I will have a chance. Or else what will be his future?” Sujith is said to have expressed doubts. Prabhas said to Sujeet, “If this film does not turn out as expected, I will make another film for you.

In fact, the first day of the film got a negative talk. Prabhas’s craze is getting huge. Talking about the possibility of Prabhas giving another film to Sujeet sounding strong inside the industry.