Ranveer’s Gully Boy set to wow Japan!

Ranveer Singh has wowed audiences in India and overseas territories with his incredibly versatile acting and it looks like his popularity is spreading to new international markets. Ranveer’s sensational 2019 blockbuster Gully Boy is releasing in Japan next month and the superstar is thrilled that audiences there would get to see the real story of the rap revolution in India.

“I am very happy, very proud that Gully Boy is releasing in Japan. I have never been to Japan but only learnt, heard and seen the most wonderful things about the land of the rising sun. I hope to come there someday – Gully Boy is releasing in Japan and it’s a very happy and proud moment for us all who have worked on the film – that our film has travelled to the vast nation of Japan and we hope that you all see it and you all like it,” Ranveer tells exclusively .

Ranveer garnered heaps of praise for his outstanding acting as a boy from the streets of Mumbai who dreams big and achieves his goals! His stardom catapulted Gully Boy to become a huge hit and the film went on to become a cult classic.

Ranveer also turned into a rap/hip-hop artist in the film. His songs Asli Hip Hop and Apna Time Aayega broke the internet and went on to become the top 2 most listened songs on the charts in India. With just eight years in Bollywood, this gifted actor has defied labels in his choice of movies and proven to be a complete risk taker.