Sampoornesh Babu the new sensation of Tollywood

sam1If one follows social media in the past 24 hours, they can’t miss the sensation¬†Sampoornesh Babu is creating. Wonder who is this Sampoornesh Babu? Sampoornesh Babu, the ever rising star is making his debut with ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ movie. Hrudaya kaleyam, what does that mean? You have heard it right. The movie’s name is Hrudaya Kaleyam, a kidney with a heart is the tag line. Sampoornesh Babu is such a sensational star that he has already got a¬†Rashtra Sampoornesh Yuvatha on his name and they are bombarding Sampoornesh Babu with birthday greetings. A youth organisation before the release of first film? Don’t write it off, Sampoornesh babu has already caught the attention of ace director Rajamouli.

Ha..Ha.haa…Hrudaya kaleyam is said to be a parody film on bad film making. The unit has really done a good job till now and attracted evryone’s attention. Let’s see whether they will stand up to the expectations they created.

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