TV anchor caught red handed in prostitution

tv-anchor-vyabicharamA young television (TV) anchor appearing in Telugu TV shows was caught red handed while doing prostitution at a guest house in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

This young anchor shot to fame with her mesmerizing talk in couple of TV shows and especially earned many young fans. But instead of continuing her anchoring profession professionally, she got diverted into prostitution.

As this anchor also has great looks, immediately her client base increased and the news of her running a prostitution business reached police. After having reliable information, police raided the guest house where illegal activities of this anchor were going on and caught her red handed. Along with the anchor, police also caught three men during the raid.

Police were shocked to know that the information they got about the anchor was true. As she is a popular anchor and requested police not to reveal her name. As it would damage her career, police did not reveal her name. Police reprimanded anchor for doing illegal activities and advised her to pursue her anchoring career

Of late some anchors, small time TV and movie actresses are resorting to prostitution for quick money, which is a very unhealthy trend.