Uproar against ‘Women in Brahmanism’

The A. P. Film Television and Theatre Development Corporation Ltd. has written to the Home department to take steps for suspending the release of the controversial film ‘Women in Brahmanism’. Minister for Information and Public Relations D.K.Aruna who was approached by ex-MLA G. Rudraraju and others with a demand to stop the release of the film, directed Corporation Managing Director R. V. Chandravadan to take up the issue with the Special Chief Secretary, Home. Mr.Chandravadan in his letter also said that a committee be constituted to view the film for deleting objectionable scenes in the film. But what is there in the film and why did it cause such uproar? Trailer of the film ‘A Woman In Brahmanism’ was uploaded to the YouTube, the focus was on erotic content, rather focusing on the theme of that novel, the makers tried to film some sleazy bedroom scenes of lead girl and are using them to promote the movie.In the original novel by Chala , the story revolves around the exploitation of a young woman ‘Sundaramma’ in a Brahmin family, the brahmanical authority and the marriage institution followed by a revenge drama.

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