Vijayashanthi to announce acting comeback?


Vijayashanthi is known to be a top actress in the film industry. The actress is known for bold lady oriented roles. She is a star heroine in those days. The actress later quit acting and entered into active politics. After many years, there is now buzz that she is going to make her acting comeback again in the film industry. There are the rumours from a long time, but of late, the buzz got increased.

She is famous for the films like Karthavyam, Prathi Ghatana, Osey Ramulamm and few others. She has also got the tags called Lady Amitabh and Viswa Nata Bharathi from fans. She is in talks with Dasari for Osey Ramulamma sequel, but we are not sure if the film is going to happen. But looks like, strong discussions are going on this time that we may expect her announcement regarding acting comeback in not less than a few months.

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