What’s present in “Yevadu”, but not in “1” ?

Cherry-and-MaheshMahesh “1” is simply super in technical terms. We cannot decline Mahesh’s way of acting and his performance. He hooked the audience with the mind-blowing action scenes. Actress Kruthi Sanan’s work was also fine. The movie was produced with a huge budget and with more technical values. But it did not taste well for the Telugu audience. On the other hand, the movie “Yevadu” which looks to be an old fashioned movie is getting good response from the audience.

If we ask, what’s there in “Yevadu”, which is not present in “1”………… then analysts are saying that’s nothing….. But…… it is just the “Comedy”!

Comedy is missing in this big movie “1”. Overall the running time is more and also twists and turns are many. However, the general audience could not get connected. Inspite of being a general movie “Yevadu” has some comedy slices. There are no twists and turns that make the audience confuse. For this reason, it did not create headache to anyone. If the movie “1” would have some comedy slices….then eventually it would have collected much at the box office. However ….this has proved that Telugu audience need some comedy rather than complete action in the movies.

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