Zabardast damage to ETV image

anchor-anasuya-JabardasthCompared to other channels, level of obscenity and vulgarity is less in ETV. In fact ETV completely avoids explicit content and enjoys the reputation of clean family channel. Of late that reputation is appearing to be decreasing due to a comedy programme ‘Zabardast.’ Obscene jokes, double meaning dialogues, vulgar comedy is being telecast in the the name of comedy in this programme. Also what’s shocking is the anchor’s dressing style. She appears in revealing mini skirts and camera focuses on her in low angle when she is sitting. We all know that ETV is a clean channel and has lots of viewership in family audience especially ladies. Many are facing problem while watching this programme with the whole family. While this is not a big thing in other channels, it is hurting the sentiment of ETV fans as ETV never encourages such type of content. Many from TV community are feeling sad as ETV known for values is telecasting such a programme.

The comedy in the programme appears overboard and artificial. Except some jokes, many fall flat. But the pity is, judges NagaBabu and Roja have to laugh for all the jokes. We feel sorry for them, as they try hard to laugh even when they don’t enjoy the joke. Also most of the jokes are centred on judges Naga Babu, Roja, anchor Anasuya and participates themselves. Audience are unable to connect to them. Even jokes on production manager Edukondalu appear frequently. When no one knows manager Edukondalu how come they enjoy the jokes on him. Can’t director understand such a basic point?

Jabardasth-TV-ShowRight now there is good demand for comedy programmes. Audience will definitely appreciate a good comedy programme. Therefore this comedy programme produced by a prestigious banner like Mallemala Entertainments and telecast on ETV had great expectations and attracted every one’s attention. Moreover all the participants are talented comedians. But due to certain offending comedy and presentation, not in tune with ETV style, it hurt the sentiments of family audience. As the ratings of this programme may be encouraging, producers should not get complacent but think once of their reputation. If Zabardast team takes this into consideration and comes up with a clean comedy, the show will go on for years and have promising future, as all the team involved are talented people. This is just a reminder for zabardast team to come up with extraordinary comedy which will stand out for generations, rather than look out for short term ratings. This will not just bring success to them but also uphold ETV’s tradition and reputation.

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