10 things you must do this Rainy Season

1. Carry rain coats, umbrellas:

As the rainy season just hit, it’s good to carry rain coats and umbrellas for refrain from getting wet.

2. Use water-resistant bags:

These water-resistant bags keeps your things safe from the rain.

3. Have a hot cup of tea/coffee:

This is true heaven guys. Have a hot cup of tea/coffee of your choice, this will give such a refreshing feeling.

4. Have some delicious samosas:

This is all for those love food. Try preparing hot bajjis, samosas etc at home.

5. Be indoors if necessary and enjoy the view from your balcony:

If there is no need to go out, better to be indoors and enjoy the beautiful view from your balcony and see the way rain pours in happily.

6. Click few pictures and capture boomerangs of the rainfall:

Why only watch the beautiful scene, instead capture a few beautiful moments with your family. Try out boomerangs on Instagram and have fun.

7. Walk and drive safely on roads as they are wet:

Be cautious while walking or driving on the roads as they are wet. Refrain from driving in over- speed to prevent accidents.

8. Listen to some soothing music:

This is for music lovers. As the season is so cool, it’s time for some music which is absolutely soothing.

9. Be alert of outpouring of manholes:

Beware of outpouring manholes on the roads, they might be open at times which can be fatal at times.

10. Enjoy in style:

Try out this new season’s new style and pose for the camera!

So guys let us know if you want us to add more, and enjoy this rainy season in style!