25,000 weddings in Hyd today

25,000-weddingsAn estimated 25,000 weddings are occurring today across the Hyderabad city.

It is said to be the auspicious day of Amruta Siddhi Yog coincides with Shravana Shukla Panchami (the 5th day of the second fortnight of the 5th month of the Hindu calendar). Purohits performing the weddings say that any activity undertaken today will yields successful results.

They say that only on four occasions can a muhurtam attain Amruta Siddhi Yog, which is determined by the day and the star that coincides with it (according to a Sanskrit shloka, these four occasions are: Hasta star coinciding with a Sunday, Pushya star coinciding with a Thursday, Anuradha star coinciding with a Wednesday and Rohini star coinciding with a Saturday.)

“It is just twice or thrice a year that such a muhurtam occurs. It is after very long that a Sunday in Shravana maasam is coinciding with Hasta nakshatram (star), which is rare and auspicious. Starting at 6.05 am, the auspicious muhurtam will last till 11 pm. However, since the day coincides with Naga Panchami (a Hindu festival on which snakes are worshiped), it is considered to be even more auspicious,” said Vasudev Acharya, a Kannada Brahmin purohit.

Though August 11 is auspicious, August 23 and 24 are considered even more auspicious. There are lakhs of weddings scheduled to be held on that day.

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