3 different teams are up for Tv 9 Ex -CEO !

The Telangana police have been involved in three separate teams for ex-CEO TV Ravi Prakash. Task Force Police, along with Hyderabad and Cyberabad police, are also looking for Ravi Prakash. Police suspect that he might have been somewhere in Andhra Pradesh. Actor Shivaji is also expected to be in the same place.

The police have repeatedly issued notices to them to be asked to attend the inquiry. They are going to court, trying for a preliminary bail.

One of the two cases registered on Ravi Prakash was Hyderabad and another was registered in Cyberabad and police were questioning their case. Fake documents, the creation of funds, diversion, forgery charges in the IT Act, 66, 72, IPC section 406, 420, 467, 469, 471 under the Cyberabad police cases were recorded for the TV 9 logo, copyrights, trade marks of the media next to India transferred Banjara Hills police station, in the case said.