6000 Cognizant employees to lose jobs


It seems IT sector is facing tough times. While Donald Trump’s ascent as USA president is already creating panic among IT employees in India, many companies are scaling down their workforce due to automation.

The latest company planning to cut down jobs, due to automation is Cognizant. According to sources from IT sector, US-headquartered Cognizant, is planning to cut down about 6000 jobs. It is said to be taking this steps as part of annual workforce management review strategy.

There are about 2,65,000 employees in Cognizant all over globe and in India alone it employs about 1,88,000 employees. It is said that the IT major is planning to cut down between two to three percent of its present workforce. Though the exact number is known, IT industry experts opine that at least 6000 Cognizant employees might get pink slips.

“This is tough time for Cognizant employees. They should try to improve their skills and get ready to face the challenges thrown up by emerging technologies and job market requirements,” said a senior IT sector analyst.

Cognizant had given pink slips to its employees in large numbers, during the last year also.