9 of 39 trekkers killed in Theni forest fire

Nine of the 39 trekkers ( four women, four men and a child trapped in Sunday’s raging forest fire deep in Kurangani hills reserve near Theni in Tamil Nadu were killed.

The fire broke out Theni district where a Chennai-based trekking club had organized the expedition from Kurangani to Bodi in the Western Ghats with 25 women and 3 children, Out of 27 people who have been rescued 10 of them have minor injuries, while 8 of them have serious injuries.Thirty of the trekkers, mostly students, have been rescued and were rushed to a government hospital.

Videos and photos shared on social networking sites showed how tough it would have been for the rescuers to bring the people, stuck amid the difficult hillside and the raging flames, to safety due to the tough terrain.

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