A traffic birth in Hyderabad

Heavy rain…traffic stalled…. 108 ambulance stuck in traffic. If you go into the details .. An woman namely Gauri,a 9 months pregnant ….Ola took the cab to Hyderabad for delivery. At Santoshnagar circle, she was turned into an 108 ambulance. She was taken to the hospital “Petla Burugu” near Malakpet and there was a heavy traffic jam in Malakpet.

108 ambulance was stopped by a roadside due to acute pain that she was having,. The 108 staff responded in a timely manner which lead a successful delivery of Gauri and was given birth of baby boy.. Gauri relatives congratulated the 108 staff for their timely effort. Later, Gauri was admitted to the Kothi Maternity Hospital with the help of 108 staff. The mother and child are said to be safe.