Corona virus arrived in city with this guy

India saw its fourth and fifth victim of the corona virus infection in New Delhi and Hyderabad on Monday. The Hyderabad techie is believed to have contracted the virus while he was away in Dubai for a company meeting.

A 24-year-old techie from Bengaluru has tested positive for the Covid-19 disease, or coronavirus, in Hyderabad where he arrived on a bus. Several people he interacted with, including his fellow bus passengers, are now being tracked down and placed under watch

It seems that the Corona Virus victim has spent five days with his family and traveled in a bus of 80 people. He is said to have interacted with the hospital staff and few other people. About 150 members were in the checklist to test for Corona Virus and the government issued high alert in the region.

Telangana’s Health Minister Etela Rajender organized a high level meeting with the officials to track all the people in contact with the victim and do the required tests. As Corona spreads rapidly, officials asked the locals of Hyderabad to follow safety precautions.