Food delivery app Zomato makes an interesting announcement

The leading food delivery company, Zomato, has made a key announcement. They said they would soon be earning profits. Accordingly, it will be recruiting heavily for technology, product and data science teams. It says it aims to hire nearly 10,000 people this month. It’s CEO Deepinder Goyal explained that 540 employees had to be laid off in Gurugram’s office due to customer service was not much needed.

Steps have been taken to provide two months’ salary and several benefits till January next year. A job fair will also be held for them. Goyal said they have hired 1,200 people so far this year.

Speaking of expanding to new cities, expanding outlets and ‘dark kitchens’, thousands of jobs have been created and profited. Losses have dropped by 50 percent in the past three months. Goel said the company currently offers food delivery services in 10,000 cities in 24 countries. Food supplies to 2.5 crore people in 500 cities across the country.