Groping in the name of Holi?


Holi is one festival, which young and old celebrate with much josh and enjoy to the core.

People get drenched in colors and get wet only to up the enjoyment. Especially youngsters see Holi as an opportunity to have a gala of time with their friends. Obviously as the cheerful throwing of colors goes on, spirits of the revelers rise and the boundaries between male and female blur. While this high voltage fun is seen as a show of friendship and festivity, some also see it as going overboard in the name of Holi.

Shenaz Treasurywala popular actress, model and TV host sees Holi in a completely different light. She said that she does not like to play Holi much as, men grope her during celebrations.

“Men put their hands on my body in a uncomfortable way during Holi. In the name of Holi they even put their hand on my private parts. After I faced this experiences, I have lost interest on Holi,” said Shenaz Treasurywala, expressing her angst over groping and sexually abusing women by men.