GST Fraud in hotels? How to check?

A major GST fraud is being noticed across many hotels and restaurants.

Non registered businesses are not allowed to charge GST and still some restaurants are collecting 18% GST.

If questioned, hotel owners usually argue and later agree to repay tax amount after they consult their CA. They are charging wrong GST which is totally against law.

1) How to identify registered or unregistered dealer?

Registered dealer should print GST number on their bill.

2) How to identify if the printed GST number is fake or original?

You can verify GST number in this link:

3) What are the GST rates to restaurants?

– For non-AC/non-alcohol serving hotels, it is 12%.

– For AC/alcohol-serving hotels, it is 18%

4) Is ‘Service Charge’ mandatory in restaurants?

– As per govt. guidelines, You can refuse to pay the ‘service charge’ that restaurants put on your bill if you are unhappy with the service.

– It is totally voluntary and not mandatory.

– If a restaurant insists on customers paying the service charge, you can file a complaint in consumer court

5) In case of GST Fraud, where should we file complaint?

– Email :
– Phone: 0120-4888999 , 011-23370115
– Twitter: @askGST_Goi , @FinMinIndia
– Consumer Court

Share this information to all your friends and create awareness of this GST fraud.