Jeweler turns Guest@ Jail

This is a new trend of being a guest artist for a day. One could become CM or DGP or even a doctor for a day. One could live in Rashtrapati Bhavan or even Raj Bhavan for a day.

So why not in a jail. Babi Chemmanor big jewel merchant of Kerala has chosen to live as a guest in a sub-jail at Sanga Reddy, 65 kms from Hyderabad. Not only did he wear a prisoners dress but also ate the morsel of lunch served to prisoners. Not only that he also paid a lump sum to Jail department for that opportunity.

Telangana jail department provided that opportunity under a program -feel the jail ‘@ Rs.500 per person per day. The jeweler came with friends – Prashanth, Ashir Ali, and Vinay.

Chemmanoor said he had undertaken this exercise to showcase his concept of simple living and high thinking, though he earned huge amount of money every day with his flourishing business worldwide.