Just miss : Chandrayaan 2

The technical problem arose at the last moment of the Chandrayaan 2 launch, which saw the country thriving. ISRO’s ties with the lander were cut off 2.1 km to the moon. ISRO said it was analyzing the data. Prime Minister Modi congratulates the scientists Scientists all over the country believe that the ups and downs of life are natural. The Prime Minister hoped that ISRO would continue with its bold experiments. The experiment went on successfully until before. Scientists have been slowing the lander’s speed from the lunar orbit.

At first the scientists were delighted as the lander separated from the orbit and headed toward the moon. Most of 15 Minutes of Terror went on to become successful. Scientists have figured out that the experiment was almost a success. ISRO officials have announced that the lander will land at the Moon’s south pole for 53 minutes. However, the ISRO signals with the lander stopped. The ISRO chairman explained to Prime Minister that the experiment was being watched live.

At the last moment technical problem arose .However,The Prime Minister congratulated the scientists for their efforts to make Chandrayaan 2 a success. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country would be accompanied by scientists who would have to do more space exploration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Chandrayaan 2 watched the experiment with the students.

Modi then engaged with students for a while. They answered the questions asked. ISRO is exploring the possibility that the signals from the lander … ISRO officials have announced that they will give full details soon. Experts say the success rate on the Moon is about 30% of the success rate. It is hopeful that data signals will soon be received so as not to disappoint the lander. Scientists all over the country are now supporting them. It is suspected that the changes in space conditions caused the loss of ISRO with the lander. Scientists predict that this could be due to climate change on the moon.