Kanchi pontiffs links with Tirumala

Next to Saint Ramanujacharya and poet Annamacharya the Kanchi prrthadipati 69th Sankara Harda Jayendra Saraswathi is very closely associated with Tirumala shrine of Lord Venkateswara .
In the current century. the TTD has commenced Varuna japam and Karirishti yagas since 1994 on Pontiffs advise who had personally participated in one such yagam on June 2, 2017 at Tirumala. The Pontiff had also instrumenal in launching the selfless service front of Srivari Seva in 2000 for facilitating the devotees through various services of the TTD.
In 2004 October 1, the pontiff had presented a diamond crown weighting 9.63 kgs studded with 2060 diamonds, 200 Rubies, 5 jades. He had also been a sprit behind the activities of the HDPP and also presented several discourses on issues of devotion and vedic thought at the Mahati auditorium in Tirupati.