Lakshmi Manchu writes Twitter letter to KTR

Letter on twitter ? Surprised ? Twitter permits only 140 characters but it is possible only to Lakshmi Manchu to write letters. Whatever she does, people are curious to watch and listen to her. Such is the craze of her style and slang.

She wrote a letter in twitter to Telangana IT Minister KTR. She brought out facts about damages and looses being caused in Hyderabad on the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi.

She expressed her anguish about merciless digging of roads for creating pandals. She brought out Film Nagar Road No-1 has been dug out and created damage to public property.

Thats not all, she mentioned that devotees are brutally cutting away cables and trees to make way to Ganesh Idol’s transportation. She questioned that who are going to responsibility of repairing them again. She expressed that Ganesh festival is no more a religious affair but has become a competitive race.

Lakshmi Manchu suggested that instead of mushroomed pandals, each area to have a single pandal to improve unity and lessen damage.

KTR has quickly responded and said suitable action would be taken. Lets hope her recommendation will bring some respite to encroached roads, damaged roads, cable cuts and tree felling.