Pakistan is far better than India ?

This is actually surprising to know. India got 140th Rank in world happiness report, while Pakistan stands at 67th place many times better than India.It is revealed that Pakistan is happier than India. As per the UNO report India has come down 7 places down in compare to the last year’s survey.

India was at 133th place in 2018.Sustainable development solutions network has revealed this survey on behalf of UNO.

The list is prepared based on the elements such as Income, Independence, healthy life styles, social support, generosity .

Finland stood first place for the two consecutive years.This country has been named as the most happiest country in the world.

In fact our neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and China stood far better from us.While Bangladesh stood at 125th place,China at 93rd place.

You know, where did America stand ?It’s 19th Rank.

However, it is imperative to look at the grounds to make people happy. Government needs to focus on this issue too.