SHOCK : Chandini brutally killed, thrown at Ameenpur hillocks

A bizarre incident took place at Hyderabad’s outskirts. Chandini, a student of Intermediate second year was brutally murdered by unidentified persons. They threw her dead body at hillocks near Ameenpur, Miyapur area. Locals located the body and reported to the police. Cyberabad Police Commissioner visited and inspected the site. A case has been registered and investigations are on.

Chandini’s sister Nivedita complaints that her sister was killed as per a plot. She dais that Chandini has been to a party with her friends on 9 September and her phone was not reachable at night. They complained the matter at Miyapur police station the same night.

This incident has left Chandini’s family in shock. This incident sen shock waves amongst the locals. They are demanding that criminals should be severely punished.

Cyberabad Police are advising all young girls to be vigilant and refrain from late night parties. They are requesting parents to keep an eye on all the activities of young children.

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