Shock : Five women made naked in man’s presence

We are living in the modern age and Digital India is a vision of our leaders. India is racing to a world super power. The government has been striving to reach rural grass roots and trying to educate and empower the citizens.

Shockingly, a brutal incident has come to light in Parvatagiri village of Warangal District of Telangana. Women claiming to be self-obsessed with divine powers to make women fertile and bless with children lured five women. She made all the five women stand naked in the open.

She took all the innocent women to a remote place of the village and made them strip off their clothes. She chanted some verses and conducted a pooja. It’s also shocking to note that a male was also accompanying them and he happens to be a constable of Jails Department of Telangana.

On receiving the news, Police have reached the spot and took the lady witch to control. Investigations are on this incident the facts are to be known in detail.