TV9 Ravi Praksh intends to skip the interrogation!

It is well aware that TV 9 former CEO,Ravi Prakash has been allegedly facing forgery cases which are running in the courts.

He has been enquired by the cyber crime police yesterday for the second time.Police has performed this interrogation for about 11 hours from morning 11:30 to 10:45 night.

Since Ravi Prakash has been giving irrelevant answers, police asked required even today.

ACP Srinivas Kumar says that the former CEO seems to be intent to skip the answers.

Ravi Prakash has given the illogical answers to the questions of as to why did he forgery TV9 secretary Devendra Agarwal’s sign ?How did he create sale agreement for 40 thousand shares to actor Shivaji?Why did he absconded not attending the enquiries etcetera.

Hearing irrelevant answers from Ravi Prakash, police sent him to home in the night. Again called for the enquiry today.

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