Woman passenger stripped and photographed by Ola driver

A Bangalore woman was forced by a Ola cab driver, who later molested and forced her to strip, took pictures of her on mobile and even threatened to call his friends and get her gang-raped while she was en route to the airport here on June 1.

According to the First Information Report, the woman, a native of Mangaluru who worked as an architect here, had booked the cab on June 1 night and left for the airport.On the way, driver Arun V stopped the car midway and diverted it to a secluded place.

He then locked all the doors and windows and when the woman tried to raise an alarm he tried to strangle her and warned her that if she did not follow his instructions he would call all his friends and gang-rape her.

She alleged that he molested and forced her to strip and took pictures of her using her phone and then transferred them to his mobile phone. Later, he dropped the woman at the airport warning her that he would circulate her pictures on social media if she lodged any complaint.

After reaching the airport she complained through the mail to the commissioner that such an incident has happened. Based on the mail transaction, police say they registered an FIR and arrested the driver and seized the ca. Ola says they have blacklisted and removed him.