WOW ! Is this lady double the speed of machine?

Changes in technology have seen the advent of modern machines. Machines are performing tasks more speedily than their creators. In the past, bank transactions very very less in number and even the cash handling were less. Cashiers used to have minimum work too. Gradually A huge number of cash bundles were seen in bank counters. Cashiers were having a head on task. They were opting to engage assistants in handling cash. To overcome this lapse, cash counting machines made way.

Every bank depending upon its size of transactions have been using cash counting machines. You may be surprised to know that a lady in China is capable of counting notes more faster than machines. She boasts of counting notes at double the speed and accuracy. A cashier working in a private bank of China’s Shandong province can count 1000 notes in a minute. Not only counting notes but she can even arrange all the notes in respective denominations simultaneously

She Claims the record for fastest note counter. Watch this Video! You will be astonished for sure.

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