Yet again hotel’s looting found!

Recently, Bollywood hero Rahul Bose ordered two bananas at a Star Hotel which charged him Rs.442/- Shocked Rahul Bose, shared the matter on social media. Then subsequently hotel was punished by the Tax department which is different matter altogether.

A few days after this happened; another similar incident took place in Mumbai. A person called Karthik went to a hotel called Four Seasons in Mumbai. ordered two eggs, an omelette. After looked at Bill and was shocked. The price of two eggs costed is Rs. 1700 / -. The omelette is priced at Rs. 850 / – Shocked by seeing the total bill Rs.6938 /-with no option left, paid the bill, posted the receipt on social media.

Now that,Netizens commented on this in a variety of ways.It remains to be seen what this hotel be punished like.