​T-Minister calls Revanth​ as ‘Broker & Joker’


It has become very common between the TDP and TRS parties to put forth allegations on each other without any kind of control. The Telangana Forest Minister Jogu Ramanna lambasted Revanth for making false allegations against the government and defaming it.

He made irking comments saying that Revanth is a joker and broker of TDP. Jogu Ramanna said that Revanth will soon be taught a lesson for all his false doings and people are not fools to encourage such kind of brokers.

Jogu Ramanna further added that he would proceed legally on Revanth for his defaming comments on the government during the Rythu Maha Dharna.

It looks like Revanth has been caught in another controversy! Let’s see what happens.

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