CBN strategy isolating BJP across India

BJP has begun exercises with NDA partners after the disastrous by-poll outcome in which the BJP lost 90 percent of the seats in the 10 assembly and four parliament seats across the country.

The BJP which was riding high after series of victories in assembly elections in NE suffered a set back in Karnataka where despite having 104 of the 223 seats it could not form a government and the small fry JD(S) with the covert support of Congress had Kumaraswamy as CM.

Ahead of the convention of the NDA partners after the by-poll and Karnataka disaster the BJP is likely to re-engineer and re-shape its policies and priorities to regain the confidence of partners.

Pushing the exit of TDP from NDA has been a costly blunder of the BJP. Thereafter all the opposition parties had walked into the trap of Congress and the Rahul Gandhi and Gulam Nabi strategy had paid off in Karnataka and the BJP now stands isolated politically across the country.