Chandrababu credibility tripled after NDA split

TDP senior leader Yanamala Ramakrishnudu has decried the designs of the BJP,YSRC and the JanaSena party to wean away BC and SC, ST vote bank of the TDP with sinister campaign.

Ramakrishnudu says that even with TDP support BJP could mister only 2 MPs and 4 assembly seats in 2014. Nearby polls BJP would muster a big zero but might split votes giving advantage to other opposition parties . However all surveys and pollsters have shown that TDP. One bank was secure and that the BJP was on downswing across the country.

He said that the people of AP had voted to the TDP and Chandrababu as both alone were found capable of rebuilding Andhra Pradesh new capital and also a welfare measures for farmers,students, and weaker sections despite a deficit fund situation and resources. with the deception of BJP is exposed there is a more popular sympathy to TDP and incredibility of its leader Chandrababu has tripled.