Ex- Cong Kanna is BJP savior in AP ?

OMG – It is the cattle eating the fence scene in AP politics.

BJP after its estrangement with TDP on the special status issue is now blaming the TDP for secret alliance with the Congress and making a big show of Chandrababu Naidu shaking hands with Rahul Gandhi at Karnataka show of JD(S)chief Kumaraswamy swearing in as coalition CM.

But in AP the national party is led by an ex-congressman who changed loyalties at the nick of 2014 elections like many others (Purandeswarai and K S Rao etc) and is all set to malign the image of TDP in Andhra Pradesh with the muscle and money power of ex-congressmen.

It is a big laughing stock that Kanna Lakshminarayana who was a minister in Kiran Kumar Reddy cabinet and also Rosaiah and YSR now talks of attacking TDP and the Congress and exposing them and boasts of his clean image and reputation.

One has to go by the dictum of ‘ Vrudha Nari Pativrata ‘ to indicate how Kanna who was industry minister in Congress regime is now self-styling himself as non-corrupt and non-criminal