CBN confirms design plans for Amaravathi

On Wednesday, the Chief Minister reviewed the final design plans for Amaravathi city along with Dr. P. Narayana, State Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development and Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, State Finance Minister, at the Camp Office in Vijayawada.

Representatives from British architectural firm Foster & Partners presented detailed designs for the new assembly building, the high court and the city infrastructure plan, after having worked on inputs provided by the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) officials.

Among the various proposals, two of the main iconic structures presented were of the High Court building, which was shaped like a diamond, and the Assembly building (located at the centre of the city plan), shaped like a Buddhist stupa, both symbolic of the region they come from.

The Chief Minister made a key suggestion to interchange the two designs of the buildings, thus structuring the Assembly building like a diamond.

He said, “The stupa signifies happiness, and justice is the greatest happiness I want my people to feel, reflected by the High Court. The Assembly building, at the centre of the city plan, should be inspired by the historic Kohinoor, which happens to be born in this very land.”

He also said that the area containing the High court and the judiciary residency complexes, “Justice City”, will be compared to the standards set by London and Hongkong.

After perusing every detailed master plan of different aspects of the city plan, like environment friendliness, energy infrastructure and the waste disposal system, the Chief Minister gave the final nod. The architecture firm will meet the ministers in two days, to officially commence the execution, after they meet with the Chief Justice tomorrow, for more inputs.

“I am excited that we have reached the final stage. Not only in India, but people all over the world have high expectations of this city. No one has ever built a city of this scale from scratch”, said the Chief Minister, closing the meeting.