GDP is drastically fallen down !

DMK President MK Stalin is deeply embittered over the central government. Noting that the GDP growth rate in the country has fallen badly, Government is using Chidambaram arrest and Kashmir elements to cover up the economic slowdown.

GDP fell down to 5 percent for the June quarter and has never seen such a weak growth rate in the last 27 years. Even though the economic situation of the country is getting worse .. The news is not getting in the print media or the electronic media is sad.

India’s GDP growth fell for the fifth consecutive quarter. The six-month low fell to 5 percent for the quarter ended June. This is due to a decline in demand and a slowdown in private investments. India, which lost its fastest-growing country tag this year, is below China’s GDP growth rate (6.2 percent). This is the first time this has happened in the last 27 years., Stalin Said.